Sep 29, 2019

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IronSocket - PlayStation Vita DNS Proxy Setup Instructions

Jan 15, 2019

You are signed out of the PSN and are trying to use a feature that is reliant on the PSN login. Fix To use this feature, please sign in PSN by selecting [Settings] > [PSN] > [Sign In to PSN]

Go into the router status area, the place it shows your ISP information. Look at what is in there for the DNS IP addresses. Write them down. Go to the PS3 and manually enter those IP addresses but "The DNS server did not respond within the time limit. If you selected manual under IP address settings or DNS settings when you set then internet connection settings for this system, verify that Primary DNS and Secondary DNS are set correctly. NW-97354 I haven't done anything different or changed any of my settings. Choose your Sharing, Friends and Messages settings (three screens). These are for your account only; they don’t affect what other users on the PS4 will see. If you’re under 18, account creation ends here and you can either ask an adult to sign in with their account to authorize PSN access or play offline until they do. The PSN works good most of the time for me here in Luxembourg. However it seems that some DNS work better than others. At least when I do a speed test on my PS4 Pro, the difference in results are quite staggering. Just made some tests today: I use Cloudflare DNS on my Fritzbox (modem), because they clearly care more about privacy than Google.