May 13, 2020

Best wireless settings with DD-WRT on a Buffalo WHR-HP-54G Dec 28, 2006 R9000 Signal strength increase with latest firmwar I just updated the firmware to the latest .52 release. Much to my surprise, I noticed the signal strength on both 2.4 and 5ghz bands has increased by about 10 on each band. I use Acrylic Home Wifi analyzer. I was previously getting between -50 and -55 for both bands before the update. After the

I finally returned my constantly rebooting and locking up WRT1900AC V1 and got a new WRT1900ACS in exchange. (thanks for the 2 year service contract with bestbuy). The signal strength of the WRT1900AC V1 was consistently 3 to 6 DB stronger than my Apple Airport. That was one of the things I real

How To Boost Your Router's Wi-Fi Signal With DD-WRT Nov 23, 2016 LED Scripts - DD-WRT Wiki Display signal strength over the SES light - Linksys routers. Use this script If you want to catch a better signal without computers. Script not work in dd-wrt micro version Linksys routers where this script will work : - WRT54GL v1.0 - WRT54GL v1.1 - WRT54G-TM - WRT54G v4.0 - WRT54GS V4 Linksys routers where the script does not work:

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