Jan 22, 2018

Virus and malware also arise svchost.exe high CPU usage problem. Because your computer is having more viruses and malware or your computer is affected by malicious programs. It leads to more usage of CPU. So, to overcome this issue you have to download and you have to install antivirus software to have a full scan of your computer. How to Fix High CPU Usage by svchost.exe (netsvcs May 29, 2018 How to Fix Svchost.exe (netsvcs) High CPU Memory Usage May 24, 2018 How to Fix svchost.exe High CPU Usage in Windows 10[Solved May 10, 2019

High CPU usage by WMIPRVSE.EXE process

May 15, 2019

Mar 26, 2020

Wsappx Process Is Causing High CPU Usage. What Is Wsappx And How To Reduce CPU Usage Caused By It. Wsappx is a legitimate Microsoft Windows process that can be found on the Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. This process can be seen running in Task Manager under Processes. 8 Useful Solutions to Fix Your CPU 100% in Windows 10 Apr 17, 2020