Jul 27, 2018 · An IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol address, is a unique numeric combination that identifies routers, computers, or other devices to allow them to communicate through the Internet. In the same way your email address allows others to send you an email, a remote computer needs your IP address to communicate with your computer.

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Jun 18, 2019 · So How Do I Hide My IP Address? The two primary ways to hide your IP address are using a proxy server or using a virtual private network (VPN). (There’s also Tor, which is great for extreme anonymization, but it’s very slow and for most people isn’t necessary.) A proxy server is an intermediary server through which your traffic gets routed.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that enables everybody to use the internet securely and freely. A VPN hides your IP address by encrypting your data and routing it through remote servers, keeping your activity, your identity and your location private even if you don’t have any level of technical experience.

Mar 15, 2019 · Check out these six ways to alter your IP address. 1. Get a VPN Software. Probably the best and most convenient way for changing your IP is to choose a good VPN service. Here’s what VPN does: Hide’s your IP address; Encrypts your internet traffic; Allows you safely torrent; Allows you to get access to geo-blocked sites like Netflix and Hulu.

Feb 10, 2020 · You can do this on your iPhone, iPad, or any device simply by changing your IP address, a process that might not be as complicated as you think. Best Way to Hide Your IP Address on iOS – Use a VPN. The most effective way to hide your IP address is to use a virtual private network. VPNs create a tunnel between your iPhone/iPad and the internet. The best security tool that provides you complete anonymity and security is VPN. VPN not only help you hide your IP address but it also gives you encryption up to 2048bit. How To Hide My IP Using A VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works as a private network between your device and the destination website.