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So, whenever there is too much load, in the first-place tor cannot handle it and therefore makes the system slow. Also, bittorrent traffic is another major reason for tor’s network load which reduces it speed. Tor’s network doesn’t have enough capacity. This is another major reason why is tor so slow. Tor network lacks the ability to Why is the Internet so slow in China and what can be done There are many reasons why the internet is slow here in China. It is not only trying to get to outside sites but even WeChat video calls and QQ calls are choppy most of the time. Various reasons exist, but one main reason is that there are so many Why is Vuze so slow? | 2020-6-24 · Why is Vuze so slow? March 22, 2011, plaza, Leave a comment. Why is Vuze so slow? Previously known as Azureus, Vuze is a computer program that allows users to download and upload files directly from the web. This computer program is popularly known as the BitTorrent client. Written in the most common language used in programming called Java, Vuze allows users to share multiple …


2008-10-28 · Did you install a new anti-virus? if so, then disable that anti-virus. Disable your firewall for it will block the torrent. Make sure that your upload speed is in max because the more you upload the more people will seed you. Most of the time, if your download is almost finish then less people will seed you that's why your download speed is slow.

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Why Is Bittorrent So Slow Vpn, Vyprvpn Horizon Tv, Configuracion Vpn Euskaltel, Vpn Not Working On Cellular Data Increase download speed - VuzeWiki 2014-2-26 · So Azureus DL max would be: 80% × 78% × 512kb/s ≈ 319kb/s; 319kb/s ÷ 8 B/b ≈ 40 kB/s if Azureus is the only Internet application. Reduce this somewhat to allow other Internet protocols better response on the same connection. Why is bittorrent download so slow ? | Yahoo Answers 2009-4-17 · Why is bittorrent download so slow ? I have been getting good speeds of 200 - 700 kb download but in the past month I can only go as high as 30 kb. I have checked my connection which is great. Could my isp be throttling traffic. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. v4vendetta. 1 decade ago. Why are my uploads so slow - BitTorrent